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Schatzi's Help Documentation

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Films made by Schatzi

  • The Need for Speed

  • Ever flown in a Hurricane Mk1? You have a constant feeling.... you feel:
    The need for Speed

  • Flames over Malta

  • Spring 1942: The Italians test their new Squadron planes, spy movie by RAF intelligence:
    Flames over Malta

Special Feature: Film made by RTR

  • Hurricane

  • Schatzi, Dancing with her Hurricane, had help from a great wingman - Schutt:
    Dance of the Hurricane

    RTR, Thanks for digging out that ahf and making such a great movie out of it!

New Sound Pack created by Sketch

  • Sketchwork's Sound Pack

  • Get rid of your last century Game Sounds with this new custom sound pack:

    Sketchwork Sounds (~ 130 MB)

    This is a self extracting Zip File. Running the executable will create a "sounds" folder with lots of
    subdirectories and wav files. Rename your AH sounds folder to "sounds-old" (as backup) and replace
    it with the new one. All set. Enjoy.